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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by jkrenzer, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. jkrenzer

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    Does anyone here also have a copy of the superb looking Japanese carrier Junyo from Answer in 1/200 scale?

    I am contemplating my next major project and am seriously thinking of building her. The kit looks daunting at best. If anyone else has built or starter it i was hoping they may have a few pointers I may need to know ahead of time.

    I am not going to start it until sometime later this summer as I have to remodel our 42 year kitchen for a while.

    I do have an old incorrectly painted 1/700 plastic model of her to assist me for her overall finished appearance.

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  2. Highlander

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    Hi Joe.

    The Junyo kit from Answer is generally very good.
    Advantages: it fits very good, superdetailed, beautyful flydeck.
    Defect: the hull plating has different shades, the boards/sides too.

    build threads:
    WWW.KONRADUS.COM - FORUM MODELARZY KARTONOWYCH - [relacja] Japoñski lotniskowiec JUNYO /Answer/
    WWW.KONRADUS.COM - FORUM MODELARZY KARTONOWYCH - Re: Japoñski lotniskowiec JUNYO /Answer/ cz. 2 - Alles rund um's Kartonmodell... | abgeschlossene Bauberichte | Answer - Junyo 1/200


  3. jkrenzer

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    Thanks, I will look into these build threads.

  4. RAleischman

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    Anwer's Junyo (frame assembly)

    In the first thread it looks like the pieces that cover the frames before the hull plates are added are not from the kit (they look wider on some frames). Can anyone tell me why that was done?

  5. Highlander

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    RAleischman wrote

    I think it's to prevent the hull plating from colapsing. The sides are reinforced with added cardboard to get the same effect.
  6. jkrenzer

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    I have never seen that before, it definately seems to work very well. I will try this when I make mine.

    It looks like they added a normal thickness outer skin, the went back and measured and glued the heavier stock on the inside of the white skin from bulkhead to bulkhead. A great techinque when skinning without a deck edge for support.

    These likns are great, i only wish I could read German. I will have to download a translator. However the photos may be all I really need.

    Can't wait to start my kitchen so I can finish it and get into this model.

    By the way I finished my Paris kit and will be posting a few more pics shortly.

  7. dansls1

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