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    I still have a huge trunk full of OO scale Hornby,Lima, Dapol & the like downstairs. I was going to do an English layout over here but space & availability made it tough. So, I am doing an N scale Canadian layout during the transition from Steam to Diesel. Then I will display the English trains I have.:thumb:

    Nice looking farm buy the way. What is the availability of N scale in British trains anyway? I know Graham Farrish does it but who else does & what are you going to use yourself?

  2. Big Mark

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    Hi Simon.
    Mainly Hornby, Farrish and Dapol from what I have seen so far. These are the two main engines I will be running, think you may like them:D

  3. 60103

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    Simon: Bachman have just taken over the Fahrish line and are upgrading it. Dapol have just entered N.
    Mark: what is the water crane? (Prototype and model details, please)
  4. Big Mark

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