Another "Do you REALLY need another engine?" conundrum!

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by LongIslandTom, Oct 9, 2006.

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    good prices!

    the only thing i'd like to point out about the B40-8s is that soon after being purchased, (before the decals on the nose i think) they replaced the small nose grabiron with 2 upside down L grab irons on the nose that would have bent around over the top of the decal and the sides. you can see them on the protoype. Its a pretty big part of the B40-8s that make them unique on Conrail.
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    Hey Green,

    Yeah I noticed that on some of the more recent photos of the CR B40-8's.. I think they started adding them in the late '80s early-90's, right? I got a shot of the then-new B40's back in 1982 and they didn't have those modified nose grabs yet:


    If I want to convert them to the '90s era it shouldn't be too difficult I think.. Centerpunch a few pilot holes, drill them through with a #79 drill, and bend a few pieces of brass .012" wire to fit. :thumb:
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    Yeah i hope to do that pretty soon on mine.
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    I think I just got that! sign1
    (a little slow on the uptake sometimes!)
  5. Bad wasn't it? You can expect worse :)

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