Another DC-3 ‘Gooney Bird’, 1:50

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    This model is an improvement and supersedes the old Swiss Air Lines DC-3 on my web site .
    Basis for this design was the excellent 1:12 “C-47 Skytrain-Fly Model” which gave me many ideas used in this model, as well as some techniques used by Alan Rose in his legendary huge and trophy-like ‘Half DC-3’ wall model. The motor and especially the undercarriage is quite detailed for a 1:50 model. I am also going to re-paint to a 2nd model; looking around for a nicely coloured DC-3, I came upon the livery of South Africa’s Springbok Classic Air, with its lovely bottle green surfaces planes. Or perhaps Namib Air’s DC3. Will be appearing soon, to be followed by a big project, completing Alan Rose’s ‘Half DC-3, but not at 1:12 too much paper! It will be at 1:24 . Alan gave me the green light.

    This model took the most hours yet, as I now wish to consistently show the riveting on the, so, as it is a free model, I have a wish from all you programming specialists out there..... who can help?
    Every time someone presses the download button for one of my +/-30 models, I wish to be able to monitor how many times which model has been downloaded. How to do this SIMPLY? As I keep adding new models, the system must be very simple to augment. Simple method please!!
    Bob S.
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    Thanks, Steve?
    Will check in the sites/Google Search keywords you mention. I'll come back to you if nec. At present I'm taking a break in designing - designer's burn-out! What I wish to do is on my web site, to set up lists of how to make individual paper parts. For example, the standard wheel, nose cone and exhaust pipe designs are, I feel, very inadequate. I'm sure there are better ways to design these.

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