Anniversary, of sorts?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Clerk, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. Clerk

    Clerk Active Member

    52 years ago Sunday Feb. 29th (Leap Year) my wife and I went on our 5th date. We were in a drive in theater watching the movie?? suddenly she leaned over and whispered in my ear. Will you marry me? I promptly answered yes. She jumped back and looked like she was in shock. and asked if I were serious. Again I said yes. We were married 8 months later to the day. What she didn't know was that my aunt tipped me off about Leap Year. That is the day the gal proposes to the guy and if the guy refuses, he has to buy her a new dress. If the guy accepts and the gal refuses, she has to buy the guy a new suit. As usual, there have been some rough times but I would do it all over again the same way. :eek: :eek: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  2. jon-monon

    jon-monon Active Member

    Great story Dick! I didn't know that about leap year. Good to hear you were a gentleman and watching the movie! BTW: What was the movie :D :D :D

    (now we will know if he was really watching!)
  3. jkristia

    jkristia Member


    In Denmark the guy has to buy her 12 pairs of gloves, not a dress, I don't know what she has to buy for him if he accepts and she refuses though, that probably never happened :)
  4. shamus

    shamus Registered Member

    Hi Dick, Yes, my wife mentioned it was leap year and that girls could ask a man to marry, but it was me who asked 44 years ago last September. Well done mate for keeping it together that long.
  5. cidchase

    cidchase Active Member

    Congratulations to you both, Dick!!!:thumb: :thumb:

    That's what we always called "Sadie Hawkins Day". :D :D
    I don't really remember where that came from, maybe
    Little Abner!!

    My wife proposed to me on that day and I turned her down!!
    (my mistake):eek:

    Then some months later I had to turn around and ask her!
    I guess I just wasn't ready at the time.:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
    It's all worked out for the best. :) :) :)
  6. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    Glad you said Yes, Dick :) :) Too good a story :)
  7. cidchase

    cidchase Active Member

    Dang, Dick, I didn't know about buying her a new dress!!

    She was prolly too nevous to bring it up, I guess that
    I owe her!!:) :) :)
  8. Clerk

    Clerk Active Member

    Thanks everybody

    Jon=-- It was so long ago. but no. All we knew was it was a drive in theater.:D :D :oops: :oops:
  9. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Way to go Dick and Sandy. A wonderful memory.
    In Canada one has to live in Winnipeg to celebrate Sadie Hawkins day.
  10. Peirce

    Peirce Member

    Yes, Sadie Hawkin's Day did originate with Al Capp, in his comic strip Lil' Abner. I don't know if I remeber the whole story.

    Somehow it sticks in my mind that Sadie was the rather unattractive daughter of Judge Hawkins. (He might have been mayor or some other official in Dogpatch.) He decreed that every February 29th, there would be a race. The contestants would be all the batchelors of Dogpatch vs all the unmarried women. The idea was to have his daughter catch and marry one of those eligible batchelors. However, she always set her sights on Lil' Abner, whom she could never catch.
  11. jmarksbery

    jmarksbery Active Member

    Congrats Dick, but does this mean you don't have clothes now?
    ;) :wave:
  12. Clerk

    Clerk Active Member

    Ahhh. That is not exactly correct:p We do have clothes.
  13. interurban

    interurban Active Member

    Thanks for sharing that Dick:thumb:
    And Congrat`s on a Anniversary of sorts;)

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