And one more Betty

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by loenf, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. loenf

    loenf Member

    Happy New Year 2016!
    After christmas and New Year's Eve I got the time to finish my latest model.
    Betty, from the movie Alien: resurrection . The model is in a scale of 1:144 and it is a free "fanmade model". You can get it here:


    betty1.jpg betty2.jpg betty3.jpg betty4.jpg betty5.jpg betty6.jpg betty7.jpg betty8.jpg betty9.jpg betty1.jpg betty2.jpg betty3.jpg betty4.jpg betty3.jpg

    It is a must-have to every Alien fan. The ship always remids of an insect!

  2. zathros

    zathros -----SENIOR---- Administrator

    No build pics!?! I would have liked to see that come together. It looks fantastic! Still would like to see the innards though, never to late to post any. It looks extremely tight and the seams are flawless! :)
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  3. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

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  4. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    This look PHENOMENAL!!!
    All of the lines are clean and crisp! You did a FANTASTIC JOB!!!
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  5. DanBKing

    DanBKing Active Member

    A beautiful build, as always from you @loenf
    This is another ship in my to-do pile.
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  6. starbuck

    starbuck Active Member

    Wonderful build.
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  7. mcusanelli

    mcusanelli Member

    Absolutely perfect build, as always!
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  8. Vger1981

    Vger1981 Member

    Hat's off to you sir, this is really good one, superb build, superb photos! That Weyland-Yutani touch looks good too.. ;) Love it!
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  9. zathros

    zathros -----SENIOR---- Administrator

    I say that I have looked at many of these and this definitely is not give the "and one more Betty" feeling. This ship really shows masterful, painstaking care. Post some build pics next time, I know I have much I can learn from you, others must too, seeing how this model is impeccable!!

    p.s. a couple of 1080 size pics would be nice as this would make a great Desktop Background!! :)

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