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  1. Matthyro

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    This picture was taken from a moving truck as my daughter and her husband drove by.
    Sorry this is out of focus.
    The location is the La Grange IL GM plant
    Imagine moving a loco shell by truck.
  2. WVRR

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    I've seen that here in London too Robin. Once in the almost two years I have been out here, I have seen it only once. I'm quite sure that they contracted the work of building the hood to some local company, and it's shipped via truck to the shop to put on the frame. Probably a custom hood for some railroad.
  3. 60103

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    GM DD London

    We toured the London GM plant a few years ago and they do contract out most of the bodywork. They come in pieces with hoods, cabs and whatevers.

    Intersting bit: they have a lot of parallel tracks in the shop but there's one track goes across the shop. It's standard gauge (a lot of the others are multiple gauge) but they had built some wide gauge locos and moved them over with one wheel on the rail and the other on the concrete and now have a big groove in the concrete.
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    Hey Robin, I didn't realize that was La Grange Ill. plant. I almost severed my tool maker apprenticeship there about 30 yrs. ago. Except you had to know someone that worked there or that was in the union to get in. I lived not two miles from there!!:eek:

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