Amy gets ready for her first date

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    A couple of weeks ago, I took my 16 year old daughter and brother-in-law to a friend's house to do some target shooting. This was Amy's second time out (she was out at a shooting range last year and was deadly accurate with a .22 and 40 cal). Here's some pics of her shooting my 9mm and the resultant target....or as I like to call it...."Amy gets ready for her first date" - boys keep your hands where they belong!

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  2. ThunderChild

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    Just think, with dad beside her, you could get twice the number of bullets flying!
  3. THE DC

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    A lot of head shots!
  4. Banyon

    Banyon New Member

    Impressive shooting.
    Yup, as a dad you should have no worries.
    Might wanna give her a chance to shoot a .45 or a .357... Something with some kick. I have a feeling (based on how good of a natural shot she is) that she might like it.
  5. silveroxide

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    Pass on the knowledge, it is one more item from which our young will remember us more. I got my oldest grandson an airsoft Glock19 and an airsoft M-4. He already has his BB gun and I tried to get him interested in my Hawkens 50 Cal but he did not like the recoil, the weight and the pyrodex, patch and ball loading procedure. It takes too long, and he is only 11 years old. The M-1 Carbine, Mossin Nagant and 357 will be waiting for him when he is ready. My six and seven year old grandsons look enviously but in due time they will get their turn. I hope that Amy enjoyed herself. Just be sure, that when a suitor come to ask for her hand, have him come in while you are cleaning your guns. It makes for a good impression.

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