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  1. WOW, What talent, just when I think I'm pretty good I pop over to the sci-fi forum and get blown away. Some of the things I've seen here make me feel like a rank amature. Any way heres some photos of my first fighter build. I found this and more on, more fighters to come.

    And a little bonus at the end.

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    Higher than an amateur!
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    Looks like pretty good work to me. Thanks for sharing it.
    I don't think I've seen a build pic of the paper-replika X-wing before. In fact, I'm not sure I even knew they had one.

  4. Actually I get alot from paper-replika, although you do have to really dig around for them, I'm starting on an M200 sniper rifle I got from there. I have a Phantom Tie fighter, ETA2 Fighter and ab R2D2 I just finished all from paper-replika. I will be posting photos in the next day or so.
    I saw your Viper build in the gallery section, I also downloaded the same one plus the Viper mark 2, the mark 2 looks like a very good design, detailed instructions, it even has structual framing for inside the body, they both also came paper replika.
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  6. Yea... he's right, I didn't think about it but the one in the photo, is actually from sirus, his is based on the one that is linked from P.R. he did some recoloring and weathering, and made some design changes.
    P.R. does have alot of links, to me though P.R. is where I find them.
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    Ah yes, those kits. They look great and I have them downloaded but haven't gotten around to building them yet. It's nice to see some build pics of them. Thanks for the pics and the info. I'll have to go check out paper replikas links sections. I'm usually too busy looking at all the great models they have.


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