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    hello all, first off id like to say a little bit about myself, so you can see where im coming from. im a 25 year old from long island ny. i have been doing model trains for the last 3 years. i model b&o, c&0, wm, csx etc. i started in the hobby 3 years ago when i lived in baltimore and visited mb klein and instantly got hooked. you see, i had a pretty troubled childhood constantly fighting and just bein a bad kid in general. when i was 17 i ran away from home on a bus to philly, after spending some time in the philadelphia area i decided it was time to go somewhere else. being homeless at the time and having literally nothing to my name i decided to hitch hike down south where i could survive the winter. as i was telling someone my plan they suggested i "hop" a train. i kinda laughed at him thinking he was joking, but he was totally serious. when i realized it was a possibility, i found myself in a traditional hobo "jungle" with 3 other people heading to savannah. after that i was hooked, i lived, breathed, ate and slept on trains. it became my life for the next 6 years. i know alot of people look down on the hobo culture and that i shouldve been put in jail for riding freights, well i was. i spent a combined 9 months in jail for riding them but it still didnt keep me away. well fast forward to today. as of 2006 it became a federal charge to be on trains and as of now if your caught on a train its an automatic conspiricy charge. because of these new regulations i settled down back home on long island.(where there is pretty much 0 freight activity where i live.) i have seen some freights on long island all ny&a. now heres where my questions come in.

    1:i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice about finding railroad work?im willing to do just about anything to be around freights again. :twisted:

    2:im planning on starting welding classes this spring. is there a certain type of welding that railroads use?

    3:i find my biggest problem is that most railroads require "track time" usually two years experience around active do i go about this???? ive spend alot longer around and on trains but now way to prove it. safety was always my biggest concern when riding trains. as i have seen too many casualties on the rails. wall1
    the only proof i could provide is that im still alive.

    4:my dream job would be to work on either MOW, car repair/painting shops. what would i need to make this come true?

    5: is there any type of schooling for railroading?

    if any one could point me in the right direction i would be so very grateful.
    and if i cant find a real job in the next year, its back to the jungle.:confused:
    thanks for taking the time to read this long post.:wave:
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    1) I would imagine railroads are one industry always looking for good labor help. I'd check to see what railroads have offices in your area. But you are right, long island may be scarce, so you may have to relocate.

    2) Railroads are going to use *all*kinds of welding. From my personal experience, the most useful to start would be standard "stick" welding. Learning an acetylene cutting torch is also useful.

    I thought for awhile of hopping a train just because I was bored and wanted adventure. The heightened national security made me think that rail cops may no longer go lenient, and it ain't worth the risk to satisfy boredom. I kinda wish I had the story to tell now :mrgreen:

    As for your other questions - call or email a local railroad's HR department and ask.
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    thanks alot guys, i start my welding classes in feb. but thanks for all the info.

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