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Discussion in 'Plastic' started by lordnexis, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. lordnexis

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    i was looking at a model i done years ago of the Halcyon Dog Alien model kit. it needed allot of repairs. all went smoothly. the one thing i didn't put back on the model was the slime effect i tried. i had read many tips from modelers in fine scale modeler about different ways to do it. model glue, Elmer's glue, vinyl, ect. i tried the liquid vinyl and found from testing it on a scrap sprue it would melt the plastic same with the polymer glue i went with Elmer's glue and tacked it on with crazy glue. looked ok but still not what i wanted. it had popped off the finished model in the packing box so i did not reuse it. i just touch up the paint that had been pulled off. i was thinking about trying heated and stretched clear model sprue to get a similar effect. anyone out there tried to get an effect like this on any model. input would be appreciated.
  2. Revell-Fan

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    I have the kit, too! It looks gorgeous when complete.

    For the slime effect I have found one simple technique: Use UHU clear glue, apply it at various spots and while drying pull it down with a toothpick and cover it wit hsome Future. I haven't tested it yet, so you may choose to try it on a piece of scrap material first. This is how it looks:

    Another way: Drill a small hole and glue a small piece of acrylic string in place. Then apply some Future or clear coat and let it run down. This might even be better, but as I said, test it first. I would love to see some pics of the results! ;)
  3. zathros

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    I would try using ZIP DRY, the matrix for the glue forms in such a way that if you apply it tp a surface, in generous amounts, then start, after 30 seconds or so, you can then pull at it with a tooth pick and since the matrix is forming, you change the shape the slime effect like you wish. It also glues to itself very well. This forms a mechanical connection and will not ruin your model but will hold really well. Obviously, like Revelle Fan said, you need to practice on whatever you use, but if you take ZIP DRY and put tywo drops between two pieces of paper, let it set up, then touch the two pieces together, then separate, you will see the strands and can decide if that is what you are looking for. It is also a fantastic glue for gluing different types of material together.

  4. mcusanelli

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    You can also use 5 minute epoxy...Mix up a batch, then use a tooth pick to 'draw' it in the pattern you want on a piece of foil or other surface that the epoxy can be peeled off of when its dry. Then attach it to the model, and use acrylic gel medium, which dries clear, to build up the droplet effect on it. Then when dry, a couple of coats of future to make it look wet. Also works good for making small puddles, water, ect. You can also use clear hot glue...Touch a bead to a piece of cardboard, then use a toothpick to slowly pull a strand off of it, and when it cools you can attach it to the model and use the gel medium again to form a droplet.This is faster than the epoxy method, but try 'em all and see which method works, and keep in mind you can tint the gel with acrylic paint for different effects.
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    that diorama is cool!!!
  6. lordnexis

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    thanks for the input all great ideas. i was just given a busted up alien queen. will try a couple of those when i start on her. got her cleaned off with oven cleaner, the paint on her was horrible. looks like crazy glue was used to put her together. soon as i get back to work on them ill post a few pics.
  7. Revell-Fan

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    I'll be here watching your progress! ;)

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