Akira/Deltaflyer inspired multipurpose amphibious shuttle

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    Back in 1998, I drew up a shuttle that was based off of the Akira Class from Star Trek First Contact. At the time, my logic was the Defiant had shuttlepods that were inspired by the design of the Defiant. These were small utilitarian Type 18 shuttlepod and the Chaffee type shuttlepod. The Intrepid Class had the class 2/type 9 shuttle, which looked very much like it was inspired by the sleek design foundation seen with the Intrepid Class ships. The Akira by design was made to be a gunship, and a carrier for other crafts. So it would make sense for such a ship to carry a shuttle that was tank like, capable of landing on different surfaces, and provide cover fire before deploying ground troops. So I designed what I called the Matsu Class ships, named after an aquatic deity and an island. The intention was to name future versions of these ships after Earth islands, like the Danube class ships are named after Earth's big rivers.

    Like the Delta Flyer, there are two levels, however both levels have doors as exits. The top one can open if the ship lands on water, and floats like a boat. People can also man a hand held cannon in the top rear platform to provide cover fire for deployed troops. The top rear doors open sideways, while the bottom one opens downward like the ones from a cargo jet, the Delta Flyer, or a the Puddle Jumper from SGA. It should be big enough to deploy a small dune buggy like the Argo. The core of the ship is sheltered by thicker armored hull. At times of peace, the ship can be fitted with a research pod, and underside of the ship can be made to service as a research lab, or cargo bay. Additionally, the cockpit of the ship has large windows for ample view, but they're fractured like the ones on the Delta Flyer so if one is cracked or broken, local shield can be put in place.

    Anyway, when I first started working on this, it was a pencil and paper drawing, that was then scanned into the computer and cleaned. Then I colored it with MS paint. A few years later I converted the shape to a 3d mesh. The nacelles were originally a copy of the Akira one, but I've since changed it to be more integrated and sleek. This project is almost more than two decades old, and with school and now work I barely have time to look at it even once a year. I'm wondering if anyone would like to play with the design, provide input, or re-skin the ship. I can make the .obj file available, or send you a version of the .3ds file. I used MilkShape as a 3d program.

    Here are some screenshots of the ship:

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  2. silveroxide

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    Interesting concept, I can barely make out the Delta flyer in it. Great work, I am a sucker for scratch builds.
  3. wingsabre

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    Thanks. There's actually a little bit of elements from the Defiant and runabout as well. Those side oval markings are supposed to be view ports, similar to the one on a runabout. It was my intention that the top could either serve as a crew quarter, or multipurpose work stations.

    Based on the shape though, does anyone have any ideas on re-skinning the ship? Would the Nacelles look better if they were arched out like an Akira Class? Or is it good more integrated into the hull?
  4. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    Since this is to be an amphibious vessel, I would opt for them to be integrated into the hull to cut down on water drag, unless you want them to be elevated to keep them from water exposure.
  5. zathros

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    Definitely need a Perspective shot of this. It looks great! :)
  6. wingsabre

    wingsabre New Member

    Perspective shot? Like from a different angle? I'd still like to have some improved textures, plus I worked on this thing as one half then mirrored it, and a lot of the images are not aligned correctly. Haven't figured out how to do that from what I currently have, and may have to restart from scratch.
  7. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    If you mirror something, you should make sure you have an" Orthogonic" property (having things mirror perpendicular, or in plane with the other half) selected, and have it able to snap to end points. Working in 1/2 models is done by many people. :)

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