Aile Strike Gundam

Discussion in 'Anime, Cartoons, Figurines & Paperdolls' started by tomfogo, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    That is a gorgeous model you got there Tomfogo! :)
  2. cool wood

    cool wood New Member

    Perfect! I just like it very much.........:thumb:
  3. rlc321

    rlc321 Gundam designer wannabe

    wow man a long time in the making but well worth the wait very well done tom...
  4. TUCKY

    TUCKY New Member

    :thumb: That good design model. If you sell please tell me..
  5. tomfogo

    tomfogo Trying to be a designer

    I will share this model, please visit my blog to see how!!!
  6. tomfogo

    tomfogo Trying to be a designer

    This model is now available!!!

    Hey guys!!! It´s been a long time, this year I´m offscene, but the model is now available for download in my blog, enjoy!!!!
  7. Magoma

    Magoma New Member

    Very nice model tom, and thanks for share this!!
    Your model will be my next project!! (finishing a Yamaha motorcycle YZF-R1 first):mrgreen:
  8. nammtcn

    nammtcn New Member

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