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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by NYCNewbie, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. NYCNewbie

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    I'm thinking of replacing my Rapidos with knuckle couplers but MT couplers are pricey and seem tricky to install, plus I don't need automatic uncoupling anyway. Unimates seem like reasonable option and easy to install, but I don't know much about them. Does anyone have experience with them? ease of coupling/uncoupling? reliability? and what shank length should one get for passenger cars and rolling stock and locos? any advice welcome.
  2. dispatcher42

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    Unimates are an absolute pain in the ass. If your train starts off too fast I have actually had the unimate couplers fly apart. If they are on a long train they will not take the weight and will fly apart.
    In other words use Microtrains couplers or stay with Rapido's
    Take Care and Keep on Track
  3. inkaneer

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    I think you are confusing "Unimates" with "Accumates." Unimates are one piece dummy couplers that I use between A and B units for close coupling. They require lifting one coupler over another to couple. Accumates are the two piece coupler that Atlas is using on their cars. These have the issues you posted. My advice is to use the MT couplers instead iof the Accumates and use the "Unimates" for close coupling of engines, passenger cars, unit trains or any other application where close coupling is desired and coupling and uncoupling will not occur.
  4. JonfromElmCity

    JonfromElmCity New Member

    Coupler length

    I have a set of the Con Cor Heavyweight Passenger cars. I would like to install the Unimate couplers as these cars always run together. The seem to constantly come uncoupled. I would like a reliable solution, but don't know what length Unimates I would get. Short, Medium or Long Shank???

    Any help is appreciated. If anyone knows of another solution to this problem I would be happy to hear it.
  5. inkaneer

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    See my reply on the topic of Concor Heavyweights. The only problem with the Kato 11-702 coupler is trying to find them. I don't know if they were discontinued or if existing inventory was sold out and not replaced. Walthers list them as out of stock They do list a 11-703 coupler for traction cars but I am not familiar with it.

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