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Discussion in 'Scratchin' & Bashin'' started by nalmeida, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. nalmeida

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    Well, as most of you know I'm from Portugal and there isn't much rolling stock from our country available, as for n scale it is almost inexistant as far as I'm aware.
    Well we have in Portugal this nice Rail Bus (on the photo below) that I would like to have on my layout and on a module I'll build in the future so the only option is Scratchin' & Bashin' , but since this is the first time I think on something like this could the experts give me some advice?

    Where should I start?
    What material should I use?
    Is any special skill needed?
    Do you know any tutorials about this on the net?

    I should add that I have lot's of photos of this Rail Bus including it's "boogie" and I also have the dimmensions fact sheet.

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  2. shaygetz

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    If you were not too picky about accuracy in the running gear, I would start with the Bachmann Doodlebug. Scratchbuilding a body out of styrene sheet wouldn't be too difficult. I would use clear styrene on the sides, layered and or curved to shape on the roof. By carefully scribing and masking the outlines of the windows, then painting the body, you will end up with those very noticable flush windows once the masking is removed. The nose I would do with layered styrene, carving, sanding and shaping to match the profile, then insetting the windows. The rest of the details look fairly straightforward, use either detail castings or parts from the scrap box. Patience is really the only skill necessary, that and a fertile imagination coupled to a little creativity. As far as tutorials, browse the various projects submited here. Even buidings will give you ideas on how to do certain modeling skills. All that data you've collected is a plus in your favor. Whatever you do, keep us posted, I've got to see this as a model.
  3. jon-monon

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    First is to secure a suitable Chassis/mechanism. My first thought was a doodlebug. Whooooooaaaaaaaa! Then I saw Shaygetz is schmardt like me! hehehe OK, the HO doodlebug can be shortened to suit your needs. I don't know about hte N scale doodlebug, but perhaps you can convince a happy gauger to open theirs up and have a look. Either the HO or N are available cheap, around $25 from Trainworld who I believe will ship out of US. You might talk to Xaniel first, though, as he has had trouble with shipments from the US, I believe.

    As for the nose, and any other rounded body parts, it's a matter of finding what material is available and what you are comfortable with. In addition to the layered plastic, you might look into how R/C model airplane builders scratch build similar parts. They get a very smooth, shiny, cinvincing surface for the nose and other parts by starting with blue foam or balso and covering it with something. Since we like more weight, hardwood might be better than balsa. I wonder if casting resin or using sculpy is an option? Maybe too hard to line up with the styrene sides, but who knows....
  4. shaygetz

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    Looks like I'm finally coming out of that 70s fog:cool:
  5. Xaniel

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    hey hey.. One Allan RailCar. Are you going to do that in what Scale? Please make it in N!!!!

    You can talk with Ricardo Correia perhaps he can help you with the plans.

    Merry Christmas to all.
  6. RailRon

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    Lima makes (or made?) a Swiss Railcar, the RBe 4/4 in N scale. I think this could be a basis for the conversion to your car. Of course it's electric, but it shouldn't be too difficult to 'dieselize' it.

    Perhaps you can locate this model in Portugal. I'm adding a pic of it.


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  7. nalmeida

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    Well, first of all thanks to everyone for the advice, I have to agree that for the chassis I will have to use something that's already running, let's see if I can find something cheap as money IS an issue here :)

    Can anyone clear this one to me, doodlebug is a term used to relate to transport of passenger cars? Do they have to be motorized or the term is also used to non powered passanger cars?

    After some investigation trough google I have to admit that I was totally seduced by brass construction, I saw some wonderfull pieces constructed in this material. When I was at school we made several things with this metal so I'm familiar with it, maybe I'll choose this one but I'll still have to buy some to do some experiments, let's see what I can achieve with it.
  8. Catt

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    Nelson,doodlebug is a US nickname for a self propelled diesel electric or gas electric passenger and/or freight railcar.They usually but not always ran as a single unit.

    The Bachmann unit in either HO or N scale has been in my experience a very good running unit.I would highly reccomend using it if you can find one.

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