advice for visit to north platt NE.

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by rogerw, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. rogerw

    rogerw Active Member

    hi every one I am planning a trip to north platt ne. to visit the train yards. Anyone been there that could give me some advise as where to go for taking pictures and points of interest . Thanks Roger
  2. conrailmike

    conrailmike Member

    Have you tried searching for this info?? You might find better answers there.
  3. CK Styles

    CK Styles Senior Member

    I live in Lincoln, NE. I could do some looking around for u. I am not a train enthusiast, but would be happy to help a fellow zealot!
  4. rogerw

    rogerw Active Member

    Thanks for the replys guys. I was planning on a trip this week but spent my money on new locos yesterday . I will now make the trip sometime in spring. CK Styles i will be coming from manhattan KS. so I hope you dont mind me stopping at lincoln to check out the town . :-D Got to check out the huskers stadium. Also CK if you can find out some info with out going out of your way it will help. Conrail I did post at at your suggestion and getting some pointers there thanks.
  5. conrailmike

    conrailmike Member

    There's also this...

    Just happened to see the link on
  6. CK Styles

    CK Styles Senior Member

    Stop as long as u want! Memorial stadium is pretty cool. If your looking for a good steak, check out The Steak House on Cornhusker and 33rd. A bit pricey, but worth the treat.
  7. nachoman

    nachoman Guest

    I've been through north platte, and thought the train yards looked interesting from the highway. Unfortunately, I was short on time both times I went through there, and did not have time to stop for more than gas. Try google earth to investigate things.

    As for lincoln... I remember drinking and eating at a weird little place called the "Tam O'Shanter".

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