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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Furtak, Jul 7, 2001.

  1. Furtak

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    With no N-Scale clubs in my area I was considering starting my own. I'm looking for a how to book or a website which may get me started. Is there a guideline for starting a N-Trak club? Is there a "Model Railroad club template" perhaps?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Jason Furtak, Boynton Beach Florida
  2. Virginian

    Virginian Member

    Hi there Jason
    I don't belong to an N club is HO, but my home layout is N.
    I've been thinking about an informal N scale "club" myself. I would think the first step is to talk to any N scalers you know and see if anyone else would be interested. You could ask to post a notice in your local train shop. The next step would depend on what kind of club you would like...informal, or formal: with membership, officers, dues, by-laws, operating rules etc.. There may be a national N scale club, I don't "N scale model railroading" ??
    Then there's the location issue. Start in some one's home with their layout (yours?) as the club layout, or rent a space by pooling resources. Another thought is: how much $ do you have to invest? You could rent a commercial space and start a layout.
    SCMRS, the club I belong to, started in the one of the founder's living room, as a modular. We are now a non profit, public benefit corporation with tax exempt status and operate in a 1200 sq.ft. layout room,with a computer controlled layout taking up most of that space, a meeting and work bench area in the middle, and a 6x8 room as a library.

    Another thought...Dave Flinn, a gauge member, is an officer of his local National Model Railroad Asso. He might have some useful info. for you.
    I'm all the way out in North Western California, or I'd say, "Hey, let's get together". I hope these thoughts might help. Good luck.
    Virginian [​IMG]
  3. Furtak

    Furtak New Member


    I appreciate your response and help. I'm going to formulate some ideas and incorporate your helpful hints.

    Once again thanx,

    Jason Furtak, Boynton Beach, Florida

    California ain't that far is it?
  4. inkaneer

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    Ntrak has some books at a reasonable price that you can obtain. Includes sample by-laws and other useful information. Contact them at

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