Adding Steam Generators to LL P2K FBs

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by FA-2, Jan 6, 2001.

  1. FA-2

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    I have some of the LifeLike FB-2s as well
    as a lone FB-1. I have been looking for
    photos of prototype ALCO FB units equiped
    with Steam generators and have not been
    able to find any. Has anyone else out
    there modified a LifeLike unit to turn it
    into a "dual-service" unit? Should the
    FB look like the PB on the top, as far as
    the generators go, or were they different
    on the FBs?

    Also, I am under the impression that
    equipping an FB-1 with a generator would be
    correct as some roads ordered them with
    such (the FA-1s were not long enough for
    them, though). I have not actually ever
    read of a road that did so, though...was
    there one?

    I am modeling free-lance, so I can fudge a
    little, but I like to try to stick close to
    the prototype when it comes to the basics
    on the locos.

  2. FA-2

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  3. Biggerhammer

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    Not much help, but a general question:

    What is a steam generator, and why would it be installed? I've heard them mentioned but never explained.

    Thank you.

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