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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by stripes, Apr 30, 2007.

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    I have seen the "all metal" caboose from this series, and it is heavy...!! So much so that while it rolls really nicely, if you had a consist of lightweight cars (e.g. empty flats) between it and the engine, you run a real risk of "stringlining" the cars off the track at every curve. Same would probably apply to the tankers.

    Plus, they are so heavy that a full length train of them would definitely require a lot more head end power, plus a pusher ot two...! ;)

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    Thanks Andrew, I guess I am just trying to find a quality tank car or two for my 40`s era. What would you buy?

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    The MP heavyweights aren't bad... especially the new ones with metal wheelsets and knuckle couplers. But they are die-cast/injection molded bodies without too much extra detail. The paint work is pretty good. I'd rate them a 6.5-7 out of 10.

    The Athearn single dome tank isn't bad, especially in the new RTR form.

    The Proto 2000 insulated tank and 8000 gal tank are both very good-looking cars. You can still find them online and at train shows. Walthers is re-releasing the 8000 gal car.
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    Best tankers have to be Proto2000 timesaver kits of either the 8 or 10 thousand gallon. Detail is great, easy to put together (the timesaver version anyway), lots of suitable Canadian prototypes (including my fave - the CTLX tankers). They also make some food grade tankers - Redpath Sugar comes to mind.


    PS - THat reminds me that I haven't found the Hamilton Model Works info for you...

    PPS - Since we're trading recommendations - how about some relatively easy to assemble 36' boxcars with K brakes? ;)


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