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    A WARNING about BRAWA!

    Hello All:

    I have been very upset with Brawa and Walthers. I needed replacement bulbs for the Brawa's plug-in lamps, Wooden Mast Light. Been working on this since October of 2003.

    The bulbs that where reconmended, 3252(walthers186-3252). Not a single one fit into any of the lamps. I have called Walthers and emailed Brawa. They just keep telling me the samething. I was getting mad. I had over $75.00 with of lamps and $25 of bulbs that where no use!

    As I was talking on the radio one night. I notice on one of the packages, there was a sticker. It was cover the bulb repacement number! It reads bulb replacement 3264. So I ordered one package to see if they will work. Another problem, they are on back order til April!:curse:

    I will let everyone know if this is the correct bulb!

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    That's a long time to be messing with it, I would have given up by now. Best of luck!
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