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  1. eagleclaw4935

    eagleclaw4935 New Member

    I would like to make a proposal to all the designers out there.Epesically the ones who design rockets,spacecraft,and ground vehicles.Odd assortment I agree but it does apply.No one to my knowledge has ever created a detailed vehicle of the shuttle astrovan.If anyone is interested in doing such a project,I would be nothing short of thrilled.As im sure that others would be too.Thanks for reading.
  2. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    The Airstream motorhome? That has a lot of radii that would be difficult, and some compromises, or maybe "other than paper corners" would have to be used. :)
  3. eagleclaw4935

    eagleclaw4935 New Member

    Yes it is the Airsteam motorhome.Although it may be difficult it is doable.I say this as I have the model of the Mobile Qaurintine Center,from TVC-15,tat was based on an Airstream trailer.I sent an email to TVC-15,in the hopes that he may expand his line of space kits with this project,but to date I have not recieved a reply.

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