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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by CharlesH., Aug 6, 2004.


Modeling era

  1. pre-1900

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  2. 1900-1910

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  3. 1910-1920

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  4. 1920-1930

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  5. 1940-1950

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  6. 1950-1960

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  7. 1960-1970

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  8. 1970-1980

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  9. 1980-1990

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  10. 1990-2000's

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  1. CharlesH.

    CharlesH. Member

    So, which era do you model?
  2. CharlesH.

    CharlesH. Member

    dang! I forgot to put the 30's in it!
  3. thats ok.

    the 1930s was a depressing time to be on the rails :D :D

    (grinning, ducking, and running from the incoming tomatos!)
  4. jkristia

    jkristia Member

    I think you should allow multiple choices, I am planning on model any era between 1900 - 1959.
  5. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    Well,Depends on my mood..I can model C&O in the 60s,the C&O/Chessie in the 70s or my C&HV from 1978-2004. :D Did I mention I will be buying some NS units??? :D
  6. NYC-BKO

    NYC-BKO Member

    Right now I'm doing the mid-fifties thru the end of NYC as a real railroad ( modelers license says different) I have equipment that can take me to the present.. A trio of NYC GP-30's look nice pulling a doublestack train! -:thumb:
  7. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    My official era is British railways 1829-1959. (note small r on railways). I have a concentration in 1923-1948. I also have a few pieces outside this era (in both directions).
  8. JBBVry

    JBBVry Member

    well for me it is about 1924 to 1945.
  9. CharlesH.

    CharlesH. Member

    *does spit take* 1829!?!? woweee! got any pictures??
    (or was the 8 a typo?)
  10. Hey, the first British trains rain around 1817
  11. CharlesH.

    CharlesH. Member

    I know, it's just I couldn't imagine someone modeling that period! 60103 must be an ace scratchbuilder.
  12. neb1211

    neb1211 New Member

    I am planning on modeling 1990 through present.
  13. Jon Grant

    Jon Grant Member

    I sort of fall between two decades modelling late 80's to early 90's with my diesels, although its 1917-18 with the steamers.

  14. interurban

    interurban Active Member

    1940s as the Traction era peaks and declines ;)
  15. SD90

    SD90 Active Member

    I model the current era, so I guess that would be 1990-2000, there are so many nice models from this time!
  16. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    I model Santa Fe in the 50's on the modular club, with some equipment back dating to the 30's & 40's. At home I'm planning to build a switching layout of the L.A.J. in the 80's to the present.
  17. TomPM

    TomPM Another Fried Egg Fan

    Right now I seem to be leaning toward the 50's and 60's. Well at least most of the stuff I am buying now fits into that period. I do have things that fit into the 60's, 70's, and 80's, however. I plan on keeping them but I will concentrate on the 50's and 60's.
  18. davidstrains

    davidstrains Active Member

    I am doing 40-50's transition, but after the trainshow last weekend I may be adding some newer power units just because. :D :)
  19. Will_annand

    Will_annand Active Member

    1880-1900 Southern Ontario Short Line in N Scale.
    Railway had approximately 205 miles total.
    I am modeling part of the 56 mile long Orangeville Branchline, from mile 39 (Cheltenham) to mile 56 (Orangeville).
  20. McFortner

    McFortner Member

    My railroad is based in the current era, but since it is a short line it runs whatever it can get a hold of! :rolleyes: ;)

    This lets me run F units with GP35s and the occasional steam excursion.

    In the real world it lets me run whatever catches my fancy.


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