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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by ezdays, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Because of a recent incident where a moderator had to temporarily lock a thread, then had to defend his actions, it dawned on me that this has to be one of the best-controlled forums on the planet. Not only are the moderators doing a good job, but the members have a vital part in it as well. In a recent PM to Jon, I said, “You and the other moderators are doing a fine and thankless job. The people on the Gauge should make your job a bit easier. This is a great forum and a fine bunch of people hang out here”.

    This is my one-year anniversary here on The Gauge, and I rarely visit other forums since I can get a lot of information, it’s a fun place to be and I feel accepted as part of The Gauge community. There is a lot of train related discussions, and the General Forum is really what pulls this group together. And the pictures, wow, and the how-to’s, I can’t get enough. One of the main reasons this forum is successful is because of the way it is run; it is a rare occasion that the moderators have to step in, and when they do, it is almost always a borderline “gut call” that they have to make. That doesn’t mean they are not here and doing their “job”, just that the members give them little to be concerned about. I’ve not ever seen a forum where the moderators are as skilled and willing to share and help. What a forum, no flaming, no criticism and lots of support, you can’t ask for more than that.:thumb: :thumb:

    All the moderators need a great big pat on the back, Robin, Jonathan, Mikey, Jon and Paul (I hope I haven’t left anyone out) for their dedication, as well as Dave for hosting this forum. Take a bow guys; you are appreciated for the fantastic job you’re doing. Lets hear it for them all. :wave: :wave: Lest we forget, a round of applause please for the members as well. Thanks for a great, informative and fun year. Now I can’t wait until we finish our move so I can get back to doing some serious work on my layout. :rolleyes: :D
  2. billk

    billk Active Member

    Agree 1000% - and let's not forget our unknown 'behind the scenes' benefactor that provides this great site.
  3. jon-monon

    jon-monon Active Member

    Thank you guys for the kind words posted here, in the other threads and in the PMs. They are all appreciated and it's great to hear the positive input. (Constructive criticism is welcome as well)

    As Brakie said, we often walk a fine line, and it's good to get some feedback.

    When I first became an active gauge member, Dave Hagan told me that the gauge is great because of it's members. The longer I stay here, the more truth I see in those words. It's a great place and it's great because of the people who use it. I am pleased and proud to be a part of it at any level.
  4. roryglasgow

    roryglasgow Active Member

    I agree, too. Your efforts are GREATLY appreciated!
  5. shamus

    shamus Registered Member

    Thank you kind Sir, tis a great forum, I have been a mod now for 3 years 17 days and an early breakfast. It's always been a fun forum.

  6. jon-monon

    jon-monon Active Member

    Gee, I almost forgot! Happy anniversary, Don. It's been a pleasure! Time flys when you're having fun, eh?

    hehehe Got that date memorized? :D :D :D You Sir, have also been a great teacher to many of us for a long time ;)
  7. coachsig

    coachsig Member

    Mostly a lurker...but a frequent lurker! I check at least twice a day!

    I have visited other forums mentioned here ...but always come back to the Guage. This is obviously due to the organizers and moderators. Without a strong framework the Guage would have been history a long time ago.

    Great job guys...keep it up!!

  8. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

    Hear hear!! Kudos to all the moderators, to Dave, to our mysterious benefactors, and to each and every one of you!

    This is the best forum I've ever seen and it's a honour to be part of it.

  9. Clerk

    Clerk Active Member

    I agree also. The best forum on the net.

    :wave: :wave: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :D :D :D
  10. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder


    My thanks to all the moderators for keeping the gauge a nice place to spend time, my thanks to the members for making the moderator's jobs a bit easier.
  11. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    Thanks to all - From me too - It means a Lot to me!!!!! :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  12. Arlaghan

    Arlaghan Member

    I raise my glass to you! :thumb: :D :thumb:

    And let us not forget a round of applause for our friend Bobo, who keeps the revolving door in the chatroom greased and in good operation! :p :rolleyes: :eek:
  13. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  14. Fred_M

    Fred_M Guest

    As the instigator of the whole thing I am sorry if I caused anyone stress or extra work. I was just having a little fun and was surprised that anyone found my posts or anyone else’s offensive. I took no offence at anyone’s postings and also do not take offence that some posts were removed/edited by a moderator. I realize that my membership to this forum is a privilege that can be revoked, but really guys and gals, wasn’t it kind of fun? If not remember I am a D_A_S_H. FRED
  15. Will_annand

    Will_annand Active Member

    I too wish to apologise if anyone took offense to what I posted, I was stating a different point of view and it bolstered the discussion.

    No offense was meant and none was taken on my part. Hey, we are all "big boys" we can take it on the chin once in a while, right.


    It may have sounded like Fred and I were going at it, but it was all in the name of "debate". In another thread, Fred is giving me good RR advice.

    The gang here are ALL good guys.

    Yes Fred I did say ALL, I am not making a generalization now.... I mean it, YOU ARE ALL GOOD GUYS!!!

    :wave: :D :wave:
  16. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    That's what was so "interesting" about the entire thing - it was the different responses of almost everyone involved. It was how people "read between the lines" & answered what they think they read. :(

    But don't take it personally, Your apology, although not neccesarily warranted, is very appreciated. :) :)

    ~ Mikey (Moderator)
  17. jon-monon

    jon-monon Active Member

    Now we're all the stronger for it, but please :oops: no more strength training :oops: for a while! :D
  18. Fred_M

    Fred_M Guest

    Now that we got that out of the way, anyone want to discuss relegion, politics, or the war in Iraq? How about the decline in social values in the late 20th century then? Or did I start something by saying decline? ROFLOL :D :D :D FRED
  19. Will_annand

    Will_annand Active Member

    Sorry, Fred, I would love to stay and verbally spar with you, BUT I am off to my weekly Railroad Club meeting.

    The Muskoka Model Railroad Club meets every Wed. in Bracebridge, ON.
  20. Ty Rayles

    Ty Rayles Member

    Will_annand now you went and started another fight with that sexist remark about the guys!!!!!!!!!!!! You not like all the very nice and talented ladies we have here?????????????? :D

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