A new Cardmodel of a nuclear Powerplant is shipping

Discussion in 'Kit Announcements' started by Thomas Pleiner, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. Dear fellow cardmodellers,

    finally it was done! The cardmodel-kit of Finland's Olkiluoto
    Nuclear Power Plant is shipping in week 38. Please contact
    your preferred dealer.

    For a "first look" click here:
    or here:

    Opposite to the published product description the model consists
    3,386 parts on 65 pages A4 and a 48 page instruction booklet (English/german)

    Best regards and have a nice weekend
    Thomas Pleiner
  2. rickstef

    rickstef Guest


    I must have this kit, it looks great, if i get it before the paper model convention, i will certainly start it

    I have been wanting this kit ever since you released the first set of photos.

    Very well done


  3. Good morning Rick,

    you may obtain this kit from Pete Heesch/H+BPrecision models
    (PMI I don't know yet) or LighthousemodelArt as well.

    Please contact your preferred dealer . . .
    Have a nice day

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