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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by jim currie, Aug 13, 2003.

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    on the drive home tonight lo i saw a cn unit between two up units number was 5700 not up on new diesels so what it was i don't know .now to some that might not be unusual but i live about 20 mi fron mex border.need to start carring camera .
  2. ezdays

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    I saw something unusual yesterday myself. The highway between Wickenburg and Phoenix parallels the BNSF main line to LA. Yesterday there was a consist of auto carriers with two BNSF heritages, a SF Warbonnet and another engine painted a solid dull gray with just two letters stenciled on the cab. No numbers. We were going 65 in one direction and they were going about 40 in the other and I was driving so I couldn't take my eyes off the road long enough to tell you what those two letters were and neither can my wife; and I don't want to embarrass myself and even try to ID what type of engine any of them were.

    I'm just wondering who that gray engine belonged to.

  3. Dave Flinn

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    Mystery Locomotive

    My guess is it was either a lease unit or a brand new one that hadn't been painted yet. We'd somehow have to know what those letters were on it to know for sure.

    Here in the opposite corner of the country, NS has been running some new locomotives in primer paint, which is sort of gray, so that's what gives me the idea the same thing may be happening in your part of the world.

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