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  1. I find myself building all kinds of rolling stock for my railroad. One thing that railroads 'under the wire' had to do was maintain the overhead. Thanks to Funaro & Camerlengo, the HE Paterson, NJ shops have someplace to keep the gear.

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    Great lokking car, Russ!:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    Good looking model Russ.
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    Love it Russ,
    Where did you get the decals??
  5. On this particular car, the only ready made decals are the small HE herald on the upper left corner and the Walthers 'safety' decal on the upper right. Everything else was done from a letter and number set. I did the original design and artwork for the HE herald and slogans, Ron from RailGraphics did the decal printing. The other slogan is 'Safety...Speed...Service!' The photo below shows the full herald...the small white one is for locos, MW rolling stock, etc. This is an HE express box used for home-road and interstate runs with a friends' road, the Titan Belt Lines. The Plano roof walk seems to have come unwelded...have to have the shop crew take care of it. ;)

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  6. The HE and TBL rebelled against the PRR, NYC, and Erie by forming the Atlantic Produce Express (APEX). The TBL/HE partnership operates a fleet of express reefers in both freight and passenger designed cars, but all cars are equipped with steam and signal lines. The freight-type cars can be cut anywhere into a night train for fast produce forwarding from the Piedmont farms in the South or from the apple orchards in New York State.

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    Hi Russ,
    Welcome to the gauge. You have some very nice looking rolling stock. What loco's do you run?
  8. Hello, Paul! Thanks for the welcome! AND thanks for the kind words. My best to you on your making the cover of MR. That's one of my goals, too. Right now I'm working on a pair of the GE 40 ton light switchers with pantographs and am patiently waiting for the release of the Baldwin Class D motors from Cannonball Car Shops aka Model Railroad Warehouse. Merle Rice is one of a couple of people who are single handedly bringing US traction modeling back up front again.


    I also model the DL&W, Erie, and NYS&W. I have:

    1 Alco Models RS1 painted and lettered by me for the NYS&W
    1 Stewart DL&W A-B-C lashup painted and decaled by me.
    1 Alco Models Erie RS3 painted and lettered by me.
    2 P1K Erie RS2s.
    1 Kato Erie NW2 painted and lettered by yours truly again.
    1 P2K DL&W GP7
    1 P2K Erie GP7
    1 P2K Erie PA
    1 P2K S-1 painted and lettered for the Hudson Electric, but will be repainted and lettered for the HE's subsidary, the Camden Interchange & Terminal Railroad, or Camden Terminal for short.
    1 BLI Erie Heavy Mike
    and I have 2 Atlas DL&W Trainmasters on order.

    My layout will be strictly catenary with mainline and interchange tracks long enough for the Erie, DL&W, and NYS&W to have trains make a guest appearance. The rest of the time they'll see road miles on my friend George's Titan Belt Lines.

  9. Here's a shot of my NW2. Nothing special, but the unsung heroes of the yards and local drills have a special place in my pantheon of locos.

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