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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by foxgoth, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. foxgoth

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    My son he is getting into Warhammer 40k table top and the models from Patrotec are amazing. We will be modifying the models as we go so they should even slip past the "only games workshop" brigade but I need to effectively plasticise the models to make them more durable. I planned on using pva to seal the cardstock prior to painting to stop it getting soggy I just wondered if others had already found a solution.
    Thanks in advance and sorry if this has already been answered elsewhere
  2. Chris74

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    I apologize if I misunderstood your need about Warhammer card models. If the questions is only about making such paper models more durable, I use to paint them (brush painting with oil based colours, do not know about airbrushing or acrylics) - and with ordinary paint, that type people use to paint their fences :D (Then if it's too glossy, another brushing with water+white glue would solve the problem, getting the model in mat colouring - I use these method because it's cheap). And more important, the model gets durability from both the colour painting and white glue and water mixture brushing. I dare to say this can be compared with plastic models.
    On the other hand, if the model requires a certain camo scheme of painting, symbols & markings on turrets and so on, the things get complicated, but you can solve them (decals or printed signs/markings, cut and glue them on proper place).

    Here is a picture of what may result after such methods.

    Hope it's of some usefulness. :)
  3. foxgoth

    foxgoth New Member

    Thanks Chris first off wow! that's the kind of quality build im trying for, my major concern is durability on the table top. lamination can achieve a lot but there are limits, I had considered resin but I will be going with superglue possibly several coats I will probably go with the citadel acrylics once im sure the cardstock is properly sealed. I will start a post as soon as I get more ink and print it out.
    thanks Fox

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