A Link to Richard Orr street track

Discussion in 'Scratchin' & Bashin'' started by interurban, Dec 28, 2004.

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    Bummer Chris,Oh well it is at least an interesting site to visit.THanks.
  3. jetrock

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    It is not too hard to "fake" girder rail--in N scale you can simply add an inner guardrail (this is what a lot of trolley modelers do) using lightweight rail inside the main rail. Or you can fake it by running a deep-flanged set of wheels over the track to dig out flangeways after pouring plaster.

    If it makes you feel any better, Orr girder rail wasn't around during most of the era when interurban modeling was less unpopular (even at its height it was a small subset of model railroading) and everyone had to handlay single-point switches, girder rail and assorted trolleyish special work.

    The idea of hanging trolley overhead in N makes my head hurt.
  4. siderod

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    Jetrock, your not alone! :wave:
  5. spitfire

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    Thanks for the link Chris! I wish someone would come out with pre-curved and pre-bricked girder rail - like Bachmann's E-Z track but with bricks around the tracks. Maybe if we all wrote them and asked......?

  6. shaygetz

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    Back in the mid-80s, Walthers offered a preformed street trackage for trolleys. No turnouts, just curved and straight pieces in both brick and brick with asphalt with more promised.
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    Okay, now where's my time-machine? :D

  8. interurban

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    Have a good read of the list I posted.
    I do belive R Orr have curved girder rail also slightly curved crossovers
    I am about to buy Off our friend Andy 8 R Orr switch`s for $50 for my future L/O needs :wave:
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    I find my radio set to a 70s rock station is pretty effective :thumb:
  10. jetrock

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    The Orr girder rail does not come pre-curved but there is a curving tool.

    I thought it was Tyco that made those pre-made "trolley track" sections: squares of like 4-5" radius curves and some straights that snapped together. Suitable only for a single-truck Birney.

    It would be nice--I imagine some entrepeneural spirit might get the urge, but us trolleyfolk are still too much in the minority to get attention. Heck, I'd settle for some actual new TROLLEY KITS to run on ANY track...
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    Yes I reread it and told Val about the tool, US dollers for us ouch!!!!!

    It is about time we were heard Jet, I think there are a lot more Traction guys out there.
    We need a spokesman/woman. Storm the modelmakers,,, :D protest,,
    er er yes Dear time for supper :p ;)

    I got to go :oops:
  12. spitfire

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    If they thought there was a market that would justify the necessary tooling up I'm sure someone would make it.

    We might have more luck with the folks who make Orr girder rail now.

    If I had the money, there are several products I'd bring out. The brick/track is one, and better modular factory parts is another.

  13. ross31r

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    lol, thanks chris, been trying to find a site for Orr trackage for a while, can finally get started on track laying on the "Easy" now!

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