A Cold Winter's Night

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by lemscate, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. lemscate

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    The hostler has readied the power for the 11-Empire (11 PM run to Empire Mine) on a cold winter's night. The former BN U30C and C30-7 still wear their white heralds and numbers. But what matters tonight is not the logo, but the cab heater and the horses; 4000 tons of iron ore doesn't move itself. The crew is anxious to get going, because the sooner the job gets done, the sooner they can return to their warm homes. Now if only the dispatcher would give permission to depart.

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  2. CharlesH.

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    That's a really dramatic shot! The beacon really adds up to the atmosphere.
  3. TomPM

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    Great shot! Makes me want to look for my coat!
  4. Iron Goat

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    It has been in the 90's the last day or so.... that looks good to me ! That is a good shot of your "Midnight Special".
  5. jon-monon

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  6. shaygetz

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    Oooooohhh, to be dodging snowflakes 'stead o' hurricanes...(sigh)

    Great shot :thumb:
  7. NYC-BKO

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    What a great pic, nice job! -:thumb::thumb::)
  8. Locobreath

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    Get out the hot buttered rum. Real nice shot. :cool:
  9. lemscate

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    Thanks for the positive feedback all! The locomotive has flashing beacon and ditch lights, as well as sound, but photos can't show that stuff. Though, those thankfully aren't needed for drama.

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