A Boxcar to many.

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    Clark,I believe that a term used in shipping by shipping managers. :D
    Here is some other terms he uses.

    Rail Trailer:This is a trailer or container.

    Hy/Rail: Trailer that well be taken to the intermodule yard then place on a train.This tells us this trailer must be loaded and picked up and delivered by a preset cutoff time for loading onto rail cars.Note freight bills will be place inside of the trailer(s).

    A Poky truck line: A trucking firm that is slow on pickup of loaded trailers and or deliveries.

    Slow freight to China..A freight car or rail trailer that is over due.A over due truck

    Hot Load: A expedited freight shipment.

    No show..Truck that does not show up on time.
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    alternate definitions

    If you'll forgive the irreverance may I offer a few alternate definitions for your terms. :wave:

    Rail Trailer - A railfan on the move. :thumb:
    Hy/Rail - A railroad bridge over the Grand Canyon. :eek:
    Porky truck line - A truck line that tries to carry too much at one time and crams it all in, squishing everything. :curse:
    Slow freight to China - A long train designed to run underwater. :rolleyes:
    Hot Load - A special train that carries everything from chili peppers to molten steel. :p
    No show - A derailed circus train. :cry:

    Sorry about mangeling the jargon, I just couldn't help myself. :D :D
  3. brakie

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    ROFL!! :D :D :D Thats good! :thumb:
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    That is an easy one: Kegs! ;) ;) ;) :D

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    Rail is cheaper yes but it is limited a lot of towns have lost rail.And think about it just about everything that goes by rail has to touch the road.I worked at concrete plants that used rail a yeast plant and a warehouse that sometimes used intermodal and trucks came out on top.I ask why my company did not ship with Carolina Freight Carriers i am from their home town and the manager said that the service was slow.And CFC was a large intermodal user and even owned stock in the Seaboard.

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