9-11....Let us not forget!

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Wolv33, Sep 11, 2002.

  1. Wolv33

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    Our country has arisen from that terrible tragedy that haunted us all, a year ago today.

    Join me in celebrating our country, and praying for those who were lost on that fateful day.

    Let us never forget the number.......9-11

    I thank you.

    In the Lord's name.......Amen.
  2. NYCentral

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    I second the thought!! Three of my fellow workers perished one year ago today! They and their families are in my thoughts and prayers today!!
  3. marty w.

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  4. Vic

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    This says it all.....GOD BLESS AMERICA

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  5. Tyson Rayles

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  6. Jim de Bree

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    I agree with all of you. I saw a bumper sticker today where the car owner changed the order of the words to "America Bless God." It has provided some interesting food for thought.

    Our family's thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and heros of 9/11 and to our armed forces who are serving to protect us....sort of puts model railroading in perspective.
  7. Xaniel

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    I put my portuguese heart with the souls of your people.
    It was a dreadfull day to Mankind.
    Every country in the World were American on the 9-11-2001.

    Que Deus esteja convosco!!!! (God be with you)

  8. farmer ron

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    Our hearts and prayers are for those that lost their lives and their families, the heros, and all effected in that tragedy that occured a year ago. It changed us all. No one will forget that day. God bless them all !!!
    from a Canadian..
  9. Harley

    Harley New Member


    God Bless The USA


    We will never forget!!

  10. PennRailRoads

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    "The world will little note what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here!" ...."That these dead shall not have died in vain!"
  11. pcentral

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    As I read these posts I well up with pride and great sorrow at the same time. When I got to work today, I work the swing shift, employees had placed American flags of all sizes all over the lawn in front of our building. It was beautiful, there were probably about 50 flags. All I can add to the above posts is never take life or freedom for granted. After reading this I hope everyone will get up and go tell their family how much they love them. God Bless the families left behind and God Bless the USA.
    Steve Borges
    Proud to be an American
    (of Portuguese descent, Thanks Luis)
  12. scoobyloven

    scoobyloven Member

    here is a little something i am airbrushing on the hood of my car
    9-11-01 we will never forget the 3000 + lives lost in one day. and never forget the familys of the heros how help save countles of lives that day

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  13. kf4jqd

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    Let us never forget what happen on that day. My old Army unit was the first to go to Afganistan, The 10th Mountain Division. I hope the boyz are still ok!


    Prayers to the families and to GW Bush for making the right decessions.

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