8'-8' or 16'-4' or anything in between

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by blueinfernal, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. blueinfernal

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    Hi I was wondeirng on what you guys think on my layout table. Should i go for the 8'-8' or 16'-4' i an can anything in beween too. I just want to know what i should use and what program also.

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    Now that's a loaded question. There are so many different things to consider which I'm sure others will elaborate on but let me sling a few thoughts your way first. I'm not sure if you have mentioned elsewhere what scale your in but for some reason I'm guessing HO. If this is your first layout, take it slow and easy. The last thing you want to do is jump into something overwhelming and burn yourself out! BUT, at the same time, dedicate as much space as you can to this for future growth. If you get into this and you really love it and you have thought ahead for more space, you'll never regret it. As a somewhat experienced model railroader:p I would take over the whole house if my family would let me! Take into consideration things such as the size of engines you will be running and the minimum radius you will need to support those engines as well as realistic operations. Make sure your benchwork is well thought out so that you don't have areas on your layout you can not reach. If you look at the layouts in my signature, you will find everything from 2'x2' to 10'x10' in N scale.
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    oh ok. i did say my scale i am gonna use in my introduction in the introduction topic area. Me and my father are planning on running a O scale trains on the outside of our layout then running a H-O and O-27 scale on the inside i have some knowledge on this kinda stuff. But my father knows a lot. He used to do this when he was young and got some nice trains and a nice tansformer to come along with this stuff(a locomotive that 2-6-4 and a tranformer that hold i think 4 train on it at once. i think now a-days it like $400-500 and he got it for $15 when he was young.) So i just need some out of the ordinary train layout.
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    ok this is a bad drawing of half my basement i get that space so i would liek to know the best way to use this space. ive included in the drawing the feet and inches i messuerd give or tak a few inches

    (p.s sorry about it being so big usually it isnt that bg...)

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  5. blueinfernal

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    Never mind about that area my dad decided a different area would be best.
  6. 60103

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    One point in planning: you can probably reach comfortably over 2 to 2 1/2 feet. If you use a 4 foot wide table, you have to be able to get at both sides. (unless you want to climb on it)
    What may be an interesting method is to cut the 4x8 sheets into a pair of 2x8 sheets and make a hollow layout -- longer run from the same timber.
  7. blueinfernal

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    ok so somthing like this then


    so that i have room to get to the miidle o the track???

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