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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Papa Bear, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. Papa Bear

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    6 X 6 N Scale UP Layout Idea

    I've been toying around with an idea for a new layout. The prototype is the Union Pacific's double-track main through Lawrence, Kansas. My grandmother lived there when I was growing up, and seeing the trains on the UP mainline was one of the things that inspired me to take up model railroading.

    The time period will probably be in the mid-80's. During that time, the Cotton Belt had trackage rights over the UP between Kansas City and Topeka.

    The sketch shows a general idea of what I'm trying to do. I haven't added all the details in, yet. I'm looking at this as more of a railfan's layout than an operating one, although I do plan to have some industries to switch. There will be access on all sides except for the top of the plan which will be against a wall (I may use this area for staging). I'm planning to use Kato Unitrack - with their 13 3/4" and 12 3/8" radius curves.

    Well, that's about it. Let me know what you think.

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  2. Papa Bear

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    scene to be modeled-Don Ball Curve (1)

    The first scene I wanted to include is the famous "Don Ball Curve." This is the highway underpass. You can't read it, but the UP shield has the "Overland Route" on it.

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  3. Papa Bear

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    Don Ball curve (2)

    Trackside at the Don Ball Curve. The depot has been restored since this picture was taken.

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  4. Papa Bear

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    Don Ball Curve (3) Grain Elevator

    A close up of the grain elevator.

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  5. Papa Bear

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    another scene - Midland Elevator

    A few miles up the road is another grain elevator at Midland. The tracks are behind the elevator. As the main line passes the elevator to the left, it makes a curve to the south to approach Lawrence.

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  6. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    That looks good! It is great that you have some photos of the area. That should help you a lot....

    I have two questions - Is there any way to get from the inside to the outside track? I don't see any turnouts or cross-overs. And - is there a siding for the grain elevators?

    It is nice that they have restored that old depot instead of tearing it down.

  7. Papa Bear

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    Hey Andrew,

    I hadn't decided where to put the crossover in yet, but I'm thinking of using a double crossover on the right (long) side. There will be sidings for the grain elevators. The locations of these industries are subject to change as the plan is developed.

    Here are some more industries I'd like to include:
    1. A rock quarry. I don't have a picture of one, but it is a common industry for the area
    2. A lumberyard
    3. A cement plant
    4. A chemical plant or refinery - something that takes tank cars

    I'm wondering if the L-shaped plan I have here is the best use of the space. I want the part that sticks out into the room to be no more than 6 ft long (for people space), but I can go up to 8 ft along the wall at the top. The door is just to the right of the right edge of the layout.

  8. Papa Bear

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    Updated plan

    I made some updates to the original plan that I posted. The plan was made from scanning a sketch and then redrawing it in MS Paint, so it is not exactly to scale.

    I envision two through freights and two locals on the layout. I may need to add some more staging tracks to accomodate them.

    Again, this is a very preliminary plan, so I don't have everything figured out accurately, yet. I'm also considering using a different shape for the layout and/or going to single track, even though the prototype is double track, to allow more room for scenery and to give a less crowded appearance.

    Please post any comments that you have. That will help me decide if I want to pursue this or go with something else.


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  9. Will_annand

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    Are you going to be able to reach the back corner Papa?

    Other than that one question, it looks good, nice and clean and lots of sidings for activity.
  10. Papa Bear

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    I think so, Will. The entire right-hand side will be accessible. The top side will be against the wall, but I limited the benchwork width to 30" so it should work OK.

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