50th Anniversary Locomotive

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    You'll have to forgive my asking questions on behalf of a close friend, although he does have a computer he is not familiar with the Internet. To make matters worse, my hobby is flying model aeroplanes !

    He is considering selling a number of trains, most of which have never been used and those that have look new to me.

    In particular, he has a 50th Anniversary Locomotive called a Rivarossi 1945 - 1995 Jubilee which has never been out of the box.

    He tells me and I quote "on the locomotive it is a 4008 and it says on the maintenance sheet it is a 4-8-8-4 Big Boy"

    I'm to ask if this item is popular and if so, will it sell easily ?

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    You'll have no problem selling that one, you can easily expect $150+ for it. The box and special issue will probably bring a bit more but don't count on too much more.
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    Oh, and, welcome to The Gauge:wave:

    My 4-8-8-4 Big Boy, slightly weathered...

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    many thanks for the information and the welcome !

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