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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by trainwhiz20, Jan 2, 2005.

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    Hey everyone!

    I finally got a layout secured, and is 100% realistically going to be built. It is a 4'x7' foot table, resting on sawhorses, with a top layer of plywood and homasote.

    I've been looking around and can't find any decent layouts that I could tweak. Nor one with a track list. Not to mention I don't want to overbuy/underbuy the amount of track I need. It's hard enough pursuading the parents to take me to my LHS.

    I'm looking for a continuous loop, and refraining from paralleling the table edges. Some switching and a crossing (track crossing) would be nice. I was thinking something like Atlas' Morgan Valley, found at: http://atlasrr.com/Code100web/images/10030.jpg

    Although, the table would be another foot.

    Right now, I have (Atlas-Snap Track):

    12-- 9" Straights
    1-- Remote Switch, left
    1-- Remote Switch, right

    I'm on a budget, but I do want a nice layout. Not to mention use what I have. I have some O scale cork roadbed, that when split in two, will work for HO. All I need is some more when I run out and some ballast.

    Any ideas guys?

    :D Thank you. I appreciate all the help I can get!

    EDIT: I think this plan is kinda cool. Do you think it's possible to eliminate the outside loop, but retain everything else and keep it 4x7? :thumb: http://www.naisp.net/users/mfischer/Trkplans/78x30_09.gif
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    Wow! Stupid question? Is this HO or N scale? I really like the track plan for such a small space. I couldn't have come up with anything better.

    If you run short on ballast I have heard of people putting kitty litter in the blender. :D
  3. JAyers

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    Here's a suggestion for the budget constricted first layout: Buy on Ebay. I have gotten brass track for pennies on the dollar. Yes, most people say stay away from brass, it's hard to clean, not realistic, etc... But, I think that for the cost of brass track on ebay, getting up and running fast is a real plus. You can roll your trains and switch and everything else. You can buy them in lots for just pennies a section and they clean up pretty easily. Just get yourself several Briteboys from your LHS, and I have found some 400 grit emory paper to help in a tight spot. Oh, and get all brand new rail connetors. Scrub up the track, attach with new connectors and your rolling for very little money.

    Switches in brass can also be cheap. I bought 10 left hand switches and 10 RH for only $25. Yes they were brass and yes I had the clean the heck out of them out of the box. But they work and I'm delivering cars to industries!

    The only inconvience you'll have to go thru is getting money orders, but your local Wal-mart or 7-11 sell them cheap (don't get them at a bank).

    This way, you can get rolling, learn the ins and outs of track laying, where problems pop up, and then when you have more budget, move up to Nickel Silver and fancier turnouts.

    BTW, what are your layout goals? Running the trains, switching, branchline locals?


    PS. Though tempting, I don't recommend getting locos on Ebay. I have not had much success with it. 1 out of 5 maybe were worth it and I don't do it anymore. But I have bought brass track and am pleased with it.

  4. JAyers

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    Now, for comments on the track plans. I think both are nice layouts. I personally would go with the second, since it has a longer run of track. If you want to eliminate the outer loop, my suggestion would be to eliminate only part of it. In other words, I would take out the top part of the pictures outer loop, but leave the turnouts on the bottom, reverse them and make it a passing siding. Add another turnout at the right end of the siding and have the track go off the board to the right like it does now. This way you have that "connection to the outer world" that everyone always talks about.

  5. JAyers

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  6. trainwhiz20

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    Thanks guys.

    I was a little slow to reply, but the second trackplan just wouldn't fit. I concocted my own layout the night after this post... using $100 worth of Atlas HO (sorry I didn't say I was in HO scale!) Snap-Track from my LHS.

    Pictures are in this thread, including shots of track layout:


    I prefer nickel silver to brass... just because of all the hype about it I guess. Also easier to maintain, although you do posses a good argument. ;)

    Really? I've had no trouble getting locos off ebay. I've gotten one $60 off retail and 8 coaches $80 off retail. I've had no problem. I can also get locomotives with decoders installed, saving the extra money I would have to pay my LHS to do it.

    Thanks guys! :D Appreciate the comments JAyers, you know what you're talking about...
  7. just a note: If you are in HO, the 78x30 layout won't work. Its N-scale using 9, 11, and 13 inch curves. HO equipment just won't like such tight curves.

    If you're building in N, I made the Morgan Valley fit in 2'3"x4'6"

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