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  1. the_spartan_fury

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    Hey everyone, I'm raising a question about the Space Marine Land Speeder Storm.

    Anyone who's seen it will know that the gunner is using a Heavy Bolter, but only those have looked at the parts in the White Dwarf or actually bought the kit know that you have a bipod to give the gunner, which suggests that he breaks it off Halo-style and walks around with it.

    I have a Scout squad to go with it, each member's head and part choice mostly matching each of the models on there. What I'm wondering is whether or not I need to pay for a Heavy Bolter for the squad if I want them to use it off of the Land Speeder Storm?

    I'd prefer to know asap, so as to prevent confusion.

    The reason I'm asking here rather than anywhere like Dakka Dakka or Librarium Online is that A) I don't have a profile there, B) I don't really want to make one just to ask one question, and C) I like the community here.

    On another subject, I've had little time to do anything with the Dawn of War models I'm fixing up. I'll try to upload the pre-unfolded models later.
  2. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    I'm only familiar with 4th ed. but I'm pretty certain that Marine Scouts cannot be 'combined' as a unit with a Landspeeder, so I would argue not in game. In an RPG Game of 40K, for certain that is feasible, but in the specifics of a 40k points battle, no. I'm sure you might be able to come up with a scenario where the rules could be fudged so to speak, and in-home games can always make house rules, of course.

  3. the_spartan_fury

    the_spartan_fury Shadow Striker

    I know they can't be combined, but the LSS always has at least a Heavy Bolter, and there is no-one there to use it when there is no squad embarked, and I like the idea of scouts having some heavy support ... actually scratch that. I'll just change what the squad has. Sorry!
  4. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    Wait, I see the problem. The model only comes with 6 figurines? hehe. I love GW, really I do.

    They are two units: 5 man Scouts and a Special Landspeeder. Do the 5th ed rules say anything about firepower on the Landspeeder while carrying troopers and without? Technically I see your point. It is entirely possible that the 'model' is meant to represent the squad's assets, as the vehicle is open topped the riders can all fire. This is especially true if the rules reduce the weapon compliment when there are no passengers.

    Kindof like the lasguns on a Chimera model. They can't actually fire if there are no IG's in the back.

  5. the_spartan_fury

    the_spartan_fury Shadow Striker

    In the army list entry, for equipment it just has "heavy bolter", or at least it did last time i looked. nothing about when there are no passengers. Mind you, the heavy bolter can be upgraded in ways that can't be given to a scout squad on its own.

    I know what you mean about the chimera.
  6. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    I would argue in that case that there is (as in a traditional Landspeeder) a pilot and a gunner. The five passengers are extra, although the model does not support that, you could always mod up another figure.

  7. jacqualine47

    jacqualine47 New Member

    Yes, you need to pay for the heavy bolter as part of the scout squad.

    BTW, a neat conversion for the gunner that comes with the model is to give him standing legs from a tac marine so that he is standing in his seat going Arnold Scwazzeneger on the bad guys.
  8. kurous18

    kurous18 New Member

    i thought of it as a conversion piece if you had a heavy bolter armed scout in the embarked squad as you don't need to disembark the squad until the final turns in capture and hold scenario.

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