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  1. reddwarf

    reddwarf Member

    Hello, I found a couple of Star Trek paper models in the 400 scale, does someone know if I can get all the Enterprises and other Star Trek models in this scale. Thanks
  2. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    I suppose these are the kits from Rawen's and legal01's upscaling and vectorizing project. The project is not completed yet. They are working on the NX-01 at the moment, AFAIK. The JJ'verse Ent is an upscaling of UHU02's Enterprise but it still needs to be authorized by UHU02, so that one is currently not available. This is a list of all the models I know which are available:

    • TOS Enterprise NCC-1701
    • TMP Enterprise NCC-1701 Refit
    • NCC-1701 A
    • Reliant
    • Grissom
    • JJ'verse Kelvin
    • Xerxes
    • Yorktown

    There are other ST ships in the queue.

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  3. reddwarf

    reddwarf Member

    Thanks. Could only find 4. The TOS, A, Kelvin and the Yorktown
  4. Cybergrinder

    Cybergrinder Member Extraordinaire

    Hi Reddwarf, (still love your handle :)) I'm working on a 1:400 USS Defiant as well, just a few more tweaks then I'll do a test build (& post a thread) & then publish. (hopefully won't take too long, he said, after working on the Voyager for 3 months.... :))
  5. CrimsonLine

    CrimsonLine Member

    Hello, all! I downloaded the 400-scale Reliant, and it does not seem to have any instructions in the file. I found bgt01's build thread, but it looks like he's using a smaller scale, and thus not all of the internal supports and stuff. Can anyone point me to instructions on how to build this lady in 400 scale?
  6. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    I would suggest contacting @bgt01 directly (through private message) and ask him for help.

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