2 things about the Atlas turntable

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Glen Haasdyk, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. Glen Haasdyk

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    Wiring and senicing around my atlas turntable I learned two important thing to remember when working around it (the hard way!)
    1) When using diluted white glue as a scenery cement, don't get any in the turntable, in a few days it will glue the turntable in place. I used diluted white glue to hold down my ballast on the enginehouse track and glued the turntable in place.
    2) You know that lousy color it comes in? When you decide to paint it be careful with paint around that little brass pivot the the center on the table. You can glue the pivot to the table (a bad thing) The pivot it attached to a nut on the bottom of the table. if the pivot can't pivot, the table will slowly unscrew itself from the base.

    As I said I learned both of these things the hard way. My Turntable first glued itself together last night and upon taking the gearbox apart and moving the table around to losen up the glue it unscrewed apart. If this ever happens to you be very careful. there are two very small pickup shoes and springs inside that can get lost very easily.
    Anyway I managed to fix everything, taking the entire turntable out, removing six tracks conecting to it and wrecking my new ballasting job. It took a couple hours to dissasemble and reassemble everything and fortunetly the conecting tracks still line up correctly.
  2. ChadYelland

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    good tip! keep glue from parts that are supposed to move ...Check!
  3. jim currie

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    :) I thought I was the only one that pulled stunts like that:) glad every thing came out ok .

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