2-Part Polyurethane Foam

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  1. P_Luna

    P_Luna New Member

    Does anyone here have experience with 2-part polyurethane foam? This stuff:


    I was thinking it may be good to use in paper models to provide a bit more structural support, and perhaps make otherwise flimsy paper aircraft models RC-flight worthy (just like store-bought electric foam prop planes and jets, but with the paper model forming the "shell"). Any thoughts on this?

  2. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    The expansion rate is the big problem with these foams. With proper openings to allow the foam to grow out of, I have seen some fantastic things done. I have also seen some fantastic flying models made of only paper constructed very much like the real thing, that fly on electric power for very long times and in small places. I think for the most part, a strong frame, maybe using 1 mm cardboard, and 110 lb. for the skin will give you a very strong model. I would still probably make the main spare out of wood though. :)
  3. P_Luna

    P_Luna New Member

    Thanks for the response Zathros! Sure enough, I looked up paper flying aircraft and got some good results - a couple of prop planes and a pretty cool SR-71: http://vimeo.com/4938640

    I'm not sure how well outdoor paper/cardstock planes would hold up if they crashed... so I guess I'd have to try extra hard not to crash them. :) And it's probably worth looking into indoor models too.

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