1956 packard predictor concept car!

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  1. a new concept car in the making is this packard predictor dream car show car in the 50's again in mint off yellow drawing done not all completed yet!

    this hand drawing was made by someone eise but not mine! just n look and see preview!

    that's all! and anothere image of the side front view!

    and last but not lest the first draw in blue prints. ;)

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  2. Zathros

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    Oh yeah! American Art Deco at it's best. :)
  3. in full color!

    the full colored version! ;)

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  4. here is the next page!

    the top of the car! in blue print! colored version comming soon!

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  5. now in full color!

    enjoy! more tommarrow see ya? ;)

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  6. see those 3 tabs about insert them into the top of the car no glue ever needed! ;)
    and the arrows is pointed them into the right places! just follow them into the slots abd push them right throu them to hold them into place! ;)
  7. the parts are done

    but not yet colored? ;)

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  8. now in color too!

    more comming soon! ;)

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  9. more car parts to build on and on!

    more coloring and pages comming today later on! ;)

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  10. the next page is up and colored

    enjoy! :)

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  11. just one more piece to go!

    and were done! ;)

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  12. and that all the last piece!

    have fun building it please post photos of your finneshed model thank's! ;)

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  13. This is greaatt!!!

    the concept car is completed! enjoy ;)

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