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    ive just come across a small scale model 1:700 freebie of the TingYuen are there any larger scale full hull kits of this vessel or vessels of simmlar type?
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    Yeah, there's one much larger - 1:1. :) It's somewhere in Shandong Province, China.

    Here's a link - the site's in Chinese, but there are plenty of photos.

    FYI, "TingYuen" is the name under the old spelling system, in modern Chinese it's DingYuan (which is much closer to what it sounds like).

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    lol i was thinking more in the 1:100-1:250 range
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    There was at one time a site offering a Uruguayan Cruiser. I downloaded it and am building it as we speak but i havent checked to see if the site is still running?,,,Here you go, i found it. Modelismo Naval - Uruguay
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    Ah they are nice! Thanks Mike! :thumb:

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