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    I saw some old pictures the other day of the first train to go threw the royale gorge and a couple from a later date. The picture that i really like was of 3 4-4-0 that were pulling a stagering 6 cars. On train was in front one was in the middel and one was at the end. I have seen some locos exactly like the ones in the picture online, but it looks like they have no coupler in front because of the cow catcher. Has anyone seen an 1880s stile 4-4-0 with a coupler in front. I wish i had the picture but it was in the bank.
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    here is a picture of the stile that was in the picture

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    I think the model power one has a dummy coupler. The back is a rapido so it would be odd to have a working knuckel coupler in front. I have one of their mikados and it has the dummy front coupler. I wounder if it is possible to add a front coupler. I did a little reserch and the engines the ran in this area were exactly like the bachmen loco above, with the exception of the lettering of course.

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