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    A friend of mine at work wanted me to show her how to build paper models, so I went and found something I thought would be easy - since she's a space fan too, I went with the Delta 7 Columbia orbiter model. She asked how hard it would be, and since I'd never built it before, I decided I had to build it myself and find out. One problem - I was out of cardstock. Solution? Print it 1/4 scale on copy paper. 4 hours later, here's the result:


    Anyone notice the problem? It's not 1/4 scale, it's 1/2! So, of course, I had to remedy that problem... Here it is in "true" 1:800 scale:


    A couple of (very small) stacks later, and here they are together:


    So what's next? Maybe the MLP and crawler... or maybe a 1:800 SCA? :D
  2. bulldogowner

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    Where do you guys find pennies that BIG???? Excellent build!! My fingers are way too big to do that!!
  3. Zathros

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    Delta 7 makes some incredibly nice products, as evident here. Nice workmanship!

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