1*7foot N gauge yard

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by dhutch, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. dhutch

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    HI, im look to build a 1 by 7 foot, N gauge yard

    - Im looking for a yard that i can play with for hours and hours

    - it will be conected to the current layout (basicaly a 6*3foot figure of eight with reversing loop)

    - I have a GWR mainly freight rolling stock, with one mainline 3coach passenger train and one 2coach brachline train, the rest being freight, including a load or 5/7 sever plank wagons, an few minaral trucks and some cattle vans etc

    - It will be controld by a DCC system, and all point motorised

    but i havent got a clue how to go about designing a layout, do you people copy bits from existing layouts (and real yards) - or do what, how do you know what will be good to use, how do you even start!!


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  3. 60103

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    daniel: the ideal scheme is to model a real yard. The problem is that real yards are too large to fit in your house. So we leave bits off of them, drop the middle.
    Are you looking for a yard where you can just shunt cars around, or do you want storage for the main layout? Does it have to store tha passenger trains?
    It's probably best to look at track plans that other modellers have used. But look at the track diagrams (published by Quail) to see how British railways put their yards together.
    Are you looking for a station yard or a major marshalling yard?
  4. dhutch

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    thanks, bear, i'll read that tonight

    - as for shunting or storage, its mainly for the sake of shunting, but it will have to store all the stock overnight (when im sleeping) - becuase the "main" layout hinges up vertical over the yard, so when i fold up the layout, for work, (and my bed is underneath it) - but i dont want to put all the Rolling stock into there boxes i roll them onto the yard

    - as for the passenger trains, although they will mainly run round on the main layout, theres no station or storage for them on there, so it would be good if one at a time they could be accomodated by the yard,
  5. seanm

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    Ther is a great "small yard" in John Armstrong's "Track Planning for Realistic Operation" I have used it on my layout and it works really well. It is on page 26 of the current version of the book. :thumb:

    Here is a rough schematic of it on my former layout: http://www.pegnsean.net/tba/layout.html
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    it says page not found??
  7. dhutch

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    - yeah, i cant get it to load eather?

    heres a overhead veiw of my layout

    - sorry it s bit lame/old, but its hard to take overhead photos becuase the ceiling is in the way!! -and ATM my camara is out of action

    - as you can see from the photo (just about), there is a turn out onto the yard area towards the top left, and another on the curve on the far right, (which has been relayed about 100time since this photo - and now looks much more prommising!!)

    - i'll try and come up with a few ideas for the yard this w/end

    thanks, daniel

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  8. theBear

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    Seems that pegnsean.net aka is not responding.
  9. A sample yard

    Heres a quickly thrown together yard space.

    the yard lead is just long enough to match the longest yard leg by running right up to the turntable.

    there is room for a diesel sevice area, a steam roundhouse, and ready tracks.

    All tracks are color coded for ease of use

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  10. seanm

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    Yeah... sorry. My server was down today and may be a little tomorrow. Electrical work on my house. It was down from 8:30am to 3:30pm pacific.... May be the same tomorrow. Should be stable by friday. Just keep trying!


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    Your browser is broken [​IMG] if that is the case. Must be a Mickey Mouse Software browser [​IMG] .

    A non responding server can not respond with an response code of 404 if it isn't responding [​IMG] .

    I don't know about you but I just [​IMG] hate it when software lies to me.

    Maybe that is why my system is Windows free. That allows me to fix such errors [​IMG] [​IMG].
  12. dhutch

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    squirel, thats quite cool, thanks

    - i have added it onto the other photo, just to see how it would look

    - on thing im a bit worred about is that to get across to the "yard" i have to back into on the the sidings on the main board, i could just add and extra crossing on the right (draw on in blue) - or i might move the other crossing right a bit, or somthink

    - i'll have a "play"


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  13. dhutch

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    well, i was playing about, and i though, maybe it would be an idea to mirror the whole yard idea, so i came up with this \/ \/ \/ :)


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  14. dhutch

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    and, seanm, while your site was up tonight i had a look at your track layout, and temparerely ive saved it onto my computer, si i can deffonatly have a better look tomorrow, when im less tired

    - dnaiel
  15. seanm

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    Cool beans! I think my electrical troubles are now solved after many $$$$ so the server should be up for a while.

    There are some pictures of it (not many) here but the layout is coming down. Time for bigger/better!


  16. dhutch

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    yeah, looks ace!
  17. SAL Comet

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    Ha Danial, I think the first one with the turntable on the left would work better, the first track in the yard can be a A&D track if you add the return you have "penciled" in. the other way you only have one way in and out. I like your layout, great use of limited space. :thumb:
  18. dhutch

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    yeah, i was wondering how well a design would work if i just fliped it over, does it matter if all the turnouts are LH not RH, is that "wrong" - will it affect oprational ablity at all?
  19. dhutch

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    also i have ordered "adventurous track plans" and the "PSL Book of Track Plans" from the liberey, which might help me know more about yard designs, becuase having still never operated or desigened one before, i really dont know where to start still!

  20. dhutch

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    Well, i've tryed reading about designing yards for long enough, i think i need to have a go at operating one now, and seeing as i need to build it before i can operate it, im going to get building. I know it would be better if i could find someone who had one i could try first, but i know that wont happen, so im just going to have a go, and if need be i can always relay it next year, once i know more about it, but in the mean time the best design i have is the one "screwysquirrel" posted, which i've adaped slightly, becuase amongst other things the yard is accutually 8foot long now, so the yard lead has been extended, and the extra turnout had been added to the arival/depature leg.

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