1:400 GPM Hiryu

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  1. Amazyah

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    Now you have me drooling Bob!

    Those planes look fantastic and really bring the ship to life! Beautiful workmanship! [​IMG]
    Here's to you, Bob! [​IMG]

    "now where's that bib, I wonder???"

  2. rlwhitt

    rlwhitt Active Member

    This is a great project and those little planes are just too cute - and so cleanly done! Outstanding!

  3. gian7675

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    Great planes but I have a question...this airwing that you used for your 1:400 GPM Hiryu. You mean that they're not in the color of the early 1942 scheme? meaning Zero Fighters as White, Aichi D3A's as White and the Nakajima B5N's as Green?

    You had to recolor them to match the early IJN Hiryu airwing?
  4. shoki2000

    shoki2000 Active Member

    All planes in this kit are actually silver.
    This is an old kit and back when it was published they didn't really pay to much attention to such details.
  5. airbob

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    Answering question for "Hiryu" Vals, Kates and Zeros....

    These are the pictures that I based my models on...the kate also had one view showing much more green in the rear fuselage..I chose this pattern (arbitrary guess)...on how the coloring was done....the "Trotskiy" planes were printed out at 1:62 (which is what they print at on 8.5 x 11 on 'fit page" setting) and this was scanned and then the scannded page was put into Photoshop CS for recoloring and reduction to 1:400...Hope this clarifies this process:wave:

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  6. shoki2000

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    I just remembered (ok, did some research :mrgreen:) that back in 1999 GPM published several 1:200 planes in Pearl harbor markings.
    They were included in Kartonowka 2/1999 and depicted 8 planes (2 Zeros, 4 Kates and 2 Vals) from all carriers participating in the raid.
    Kami-Mokei sells several 1:200 planes but those are Zero 52s, Jills and Judys.
    Answer had Zero 52, Jill and Judy planes in 1:200 as add-ons for their Junyo carrier but the links are gone now
  7. airbob

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    1:400 IJN Hiryu (mostly) finished!

    Some pictures (links from my website) of my mostly completed 1:400 IJN carrier "Hiryu"....again this kit was the old 1:300 GPM kit that was extensively recolored...the deck was completely redone to simulate "bleached teak"...the planes were recolored to match that on the Hiryu in this time frame...from the best research that I could find...I hope you guy and gals like them!!!sign1
    Barry, you can view them at high defination so your old eyes (and mine:p) can see them!!!balloon6
    port stern below
    stbd bow above
    port bow above
  8. shoki2000

    shoki2000 Active Member

    Excellent work!
  9. a6m

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    I recommed highly Kami Mokei' planes

    where is possible to find a pic from Kartonowka 2/1999 planes to see them?
    how to buy that old number?
    Thanks for the help

  10. shoki2000

    shoki2000 Active Member

    Here is the sample of both sheets.
    I don't know where, if at all possible, anybody could find them...

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  11. a6m

    a6m Member

    Thanks for your help
    very good models indeed ...
    I'll search them in the web, hope to find the last number !!!

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