1/33 scale RAF BE2e from Paperwarbirds

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  1. Horus

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    In August 1912, the Blériot Experimental 2 earned the highest marks in aircraft
    trials at Larkhill. During the competition, the two-seater broke the British altitude
    record, climbing to 10,560 feet. Equipped with a more powerful engine, the
    unarmed B.E.2a was introduced in 1913 and was the first British aircraft to arrive
    in France during World War I.

    This model is of the BE2e version, equipped as a light bomber.
    Fully detailed RAF 90hp engine
    Fully detailed Cockpit
    Fully detailed guns and bombs
    12 pages of parts
    10pages of beautifully illustrated instructions
    Fully editable by customer

    Cardmodels.net members can receive $2.00 discount on the retail price until 10pm GMT July 4th 2004. Input the code
    into the discount field in the shop catalogue.
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    Horus, where is it on your website? And is something wrong with your webpage....it normally loads slowly, but today it is like molasses in january. Please keep in mind that not all of us have access to DSL. I like your models, but I have better things to do than wait eons for a web page to load.
  3. Horus

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  4. Darwin

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    Thanks muchly, Marcus. Regarding your latest effort, I just voted with my pocketbook.
  5. Horus

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    Many thanks,
    I hope the process was painless!
    Seriously, enjoy the kits and let me know how you get on with them.



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