1/24 Northrop HL-10

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    Good Evening Fellow Space Cadets,

    Jon Leslie has graciously hosted my latest design effort on his Lower Hudson Challenger Museum site. We bring you the Northrop HL-10 Lifting Body in 1/24 scale. There are two options available, one with a "grey" skin, and one that is "lines only" for printing on metallic paper.

    Jon created several very realistic metallic textures for me to texture the grey model with, but my lack of skills with GIMP have resulted in complete failure. I'm hoping to have an improved metallic version available soon.

    There are two additional documents available which are screen-shot views of what the completed model should look like, and also a set of graphics to apply to the model.

    I hope you enjoy the model.

    Steve Austin

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  2. pepelu

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    Very interesting model.
    I can wait to see it in paper.
  3. SAustin16

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  4. pepelu

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    Very thanks, SAaustin 16 for the link.
  5. Greenman

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    Thanks for producing a kit in a much under-represented part of aeronautical history. For years, I have looked for models of the various lifting bodies. And the HL-10 was my favorite design. I cant wait to build one.
  6. SAustin16

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    Hello Greenman,

    I hope you enjoy building the model. HL-10 was always my favorite also. Please post pictures if you do build the model...I'd love to see how it turns out for you.

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