1/200 gpm schleswig-holstein

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by yukiyuji, Oct 12, 2005.

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    I'm sorry - maybe I missed it, but what is the point of the horrible mess that you made out of a decent kit? That you can get the screws to turn? That it will swim for a little bit?

    Of course - everybody as they like it, but personally....


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    Interesting experiment... But in my case I would pity money for such great model to sink it in the bath.. Some kind of old MM from dusty shelf - maybe, but GPM Holstein..

    This is the same as with my old Fokker E.III. It burnt in flames while flying from my balcony. But it was one of my first models and it was very ugly, that I was ashamed to show it to somenone.

    I think, that it would be better, if you try putting in the bath the fully built and impregnated model..

    Thats all. Good luck! ;-)
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    you will know how ugly when it finish
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    I wonder if the hull could have been strengthened by using a bit of that spray foam inside the hull before adding the outside plating. I have seen quite a few hulls built that way and it seems to provide support for the entire plating, which would be a good thing to avoid warping of the outside plating form the water pressure, etc. Perhaps put in boxes where the electronics will go so as to create openings for their later installation as the foam spreads when it expands and sets, so the boxes would save the spaces you need for the internal gear. It seems without this internal support the plating has a tendancy to warp and buckle a bit. The only problem with this is that where I've seen foam used in that way the deck is already installed, but you need access to the internal workings, so it will take a bit of figuring out how to add the foam support yet leave spaces for the electronics and a way to access them when the model is finished...but I imagine you could figure that out with little problem, Yuki. ;-)

    BTW, when using the foam spray I notice it really spreads a lot, and oozes out between the framing, but once set it looks as if it is easily shaved back to the framing, it only looks scary as it sets and before it is trimmed back. :smile:

    I am assuming you used a similar lacquer coating to the outside of the hull as you have shown in previous R/C conversions, is that right Yuki?

    Regardless of what kit is being used, this is an interesting project that shows to me, at least, how one can take a paper model and make it functional. Of course, the major concern is how water affects paper, especially when immersed for a long time. I imagine one has to be very careful to ensure the entire hull is well coated by a protective layer of some sort to keep the water from affecting the paper, and that goes for not just the exterior sections but the interior as water always seems to find a way into a hull despite your best efforts. Looking at the end on view it seems the hull has been affected to some extent by the water so perhaps an additional coating might be suggested before the next sea trial, and hopefully that will maintain the integrity of the paper hull. Once he hull is completely dry maybe you want to spray the red underwater portion with another coat or two of red paint/enamel to strengthen it a bit more and provide further water proofing as it seems in the last photo there might be some seams between the bottom hull plates that could invite water seepage.

    I am looking forward to you next update to see how this turns out.


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    I must admit I am struggling a bit with this concept! But hey, if that is what Yuki wants to do, go for it I say.

    But I am struggling a bit with this concept.................

    Tim P

    PS We need a bigger variety of smilies! Where is the one that suggests, 'Cool, but at the same time, Barking Mad'?
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    I know ugly(I'm glad avatars are small :grin: ) this is not that ugly!

    Hey when he is through he will have a remote controlled battleship that floats.............anyones else got one?

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    No, I don't have one either...not even one made out of fibreglass or wood, let alone one made out of paper!

    Keep at it, Yuki, she's looking better with each update. If your Russian air cushion vehicle is any indication, we're in for a treat by the time this one is completed.


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    Hello yukiyuji

    Hmm I something should write hmm ???????????????????????

    Look here


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    you are right
    it is so ugly and poor
    i think no one want to see a poor model

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