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May 6, 2011
    1. mbauer
      Hi Tom,

      You still building? Every model has been re-done and a few new ones have been added. In the last 3-weeks the bug has returned. 4_new models ready to build. F7U Cutlass, B58 Hustler, X2, and F106 Delta Dart. The F86 has been redesigned along with the rest (X1, F16, Sr71, D558-II Skyrocket, V1 Buzz Bomb, F104). I also have a few of my own design.

      All of the redesigning has to do with the wing fold problem. They all have wing spars/ribs. Some have double wall tubing using bulkhead formers, while others just use a laminate of layers for the fuselage sidewall.

      Rudders/Elvators have all been redone to be a lot stronger.

      Finally the bladder has been re-done. It now moves to the rear instead of the front. This has limited them to a specific length (about 3ft for the 1/4" fiberglass nozzles, and 50" for the new 3/8" tubes).

      I also have a completed catapult lauch system to show you. Just pump up with a bike pump and then pull the pin! Was able to lauch a 5lb barbell 35 ft or so. Didn't even have to add the higher power section.

      Since most of the new designs (last 4) have been done without any building of parts, there will be problems. My printer is down. So, no way to print and build big ones.

      New printer is going to cost $1000. I have parts to fix the old printer, just need a technician to do the work. Local HP authorized said it is not supported anymore. So, will have to check listings in the yellow pages. Way above my skills to fix this one.

      Just recently had the last of the surgeries from the mountain bike wreck a couple of summers ago. Should be getting out to fly once the rain stops...

      Hope all is well with you!

      Mike Bauer
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