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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by COlin_McLeod, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. COlin_McLeod

    COlin_McLeod New Member

    ZTC Controls demonstrated a Computer Interface at Warley. Does anyone hae any information on this equipment and does it successfully enable a DCC layout to be controled by software such as that proided by Railraod&co. My e mail to ZTC on the subject ahs, so far, been unanswered.
    Many thanks in advance. Colin
  2. CalFlash

    CalFlash Member

    Well if they don't want to answer e-mail from a prospective buyer, I'd question whether I'd buy their product. Something like this needs support - something they seem unwilling to provide.
  3. COlin_McLeod

    COlin_McLeod New Member

    I was hopeing for a reply to my question. I have the ZTC 511 controller and am very pleased with it. Does anyone out there have any information about the computer interface? Thanks
  4. shaun_m

    shaun_m New Member

    ZTC Computer Interface has now been released (Feb 2006)
    Very interesting development
  5. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

    I have no idea what ZTC Controls is. I have no idea what Warley is. I have no idea who railroad & Co is.

    Got any links to websites and downloads?
  6. shaun_m

    shaun_m New Member

    ZTC website is available at www.ztccontrols.co.uk

    The computer interface is very new - hope to purchase the product in March, just to ensure there are no bugs in the 1st Batch.

    No manual yet available (on their web-site), but they recommend KAM Industries Footplate Commander software (again it seems very new software).

    Year 2006 will the year of computers linking to DCC!

    Be interested in other users thoughts on other Software products
  7. shaun_m

    shaun_m New Member

    Warley, by the way is the big , big Exhibition at Warley, just outside Birmingham, held once a year, usually December.
  8. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

    I use JMRI software on my NCE Powerhouse Pro Radio system. It is freeware from click here It supports around 15 or so Command Station makes and models, and what seems like hundreds of decoder makes & models, however, ZTC Controls is not listed on it's configuration "options" as one of the supported Command Stations.

    It does everything I want it to do (so far), including layout diagrams for turnout switching (which I haven't tried yet). The Windows base decoder programming, where you've got all the decoder settings on one window, adjust them, then re-write all, or just the changes, (even on the "main") is very useful. And because it stores your decoder settings for each loco on the computer, you don't need to go to the programming track to see what they are. You can re-label the throttle function buttons, but that's about it when it comes to tailoring each throttle. All you have is a "slider" for throttle control, and it does not indicate which speed-step it's set at.

    And it also runs on Windows 98. (An old box I had laying around).

    For "freeware" I'm very happys (so far) with what it does, as an introduction to pooter/DCC interfacing.
  9. shaun_m

    shaun_m New Member


    I will review the JMRI software, the web-link does in fact acknowledge ZTC Equipment, so worth a try when I get the computer interface.

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